Apps That Every Music Artist Must Have On Their Phones

If you are a new artist or an independent band or musician then you just have some major applications on your mobile phone that can be very beneficial for their growth in this industry.  Every artist who is using any sort of music streaming platform wants to build an audience for themselves and earn more revenue through music streaming on these applications. Most people would think that only any sort of music streaming application like youtube, Spotify, Wynk, Soundcloud, or Pandora music are only required to upload new music and new soundtracks for this purpose. Yes, you need these music apps for uploading your music and tracks constantly as they are only going to make you famous among people. But, apart from those applications, there are some more applications that you may need in your smartphone if you are an artist, here are some of the apps you should install immediately. 


This one may appear glaringly evident yet Google Calendar is the world’s most famous computerized calendar, and all things considered. Managing your gigs, rehearsals and meetings can get feverish pretty fast. However, the capacity to see all your upcoming events, set reminders, and even easily divide your calendars among all musicians implies that nobody has a pardon for not knowing when your next practice is. The vast majority as of now have a google account and, notwithstanding the way that it’s totally free.


Bandsintown is actually what the name recommends. It records each gig, show, and music occasion that is going on in your space. The Manager App permits you to advance and deal with your own events. Also, events that you make on Bandsintown naturally get made on Facebook, saving you time. You can likewise talk straightforwardly to your fans who enjoyed your music, so you can begin to develop your connections and thank your fans for their incredible help. 


Reverb Nation is an across-the-board executive’s application for progressing in your vocation. Join is free and you get a ton of highlights with simply the basic record. You can sell music, find settings to contact, arrive at more fans, oversee online media marketing, and implant your melodies straightforwardly into your artist’s website. It can help you assemble your website, give you heaps of apparatuses for examination, offer you computerized circulation administrations to get your music onto stages like Spotify and iTunes and help with the advancement of your music when it drops.


Instagram is another application that every artist should have on their smartphone. The application is very popular nowadays and it has grown tremendously in the past and many new users have registered on this application. As an artist, you can make reels of your songs, promote your song using paid campaigns, ask other big accounts to promote your songs, and grab more audience worldwide.


There are two versions of Spotify application, one version is the normal Spotify application that is used by users all over the world to stream music and listen to their favorite tracks or artists. The other version is Spotify for artists where the artists can upload their songs and get money for uploading their songs. The revenue can be earned by more plays, more shares, and adding more tracks, and to get more visibility as a new artist, you can try a web tool designed to help the new artists gain more popularity by getting authentic plays and users. Visit store from the link to get this service.